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Yasmeena (aka Jazmine Datcher) is an aspiring and accomplished young singer/performer with a proud African American/Palestinian/Israeli heritage.

Yasmeena has dedicated her life to music since childhood, where she attended Oakland School for the Arts with focus on vocal development. During her secondary school years, Yasmeena mastered music theory, sight reading, stage training and song writing. Upon graduation from Oakland School for the Arts, Yasmeena has since furthered her studies as music major at San Francisco State University.

Yasmeena has performed nationally and abroad with the well renowned a cappella group, Vocal Rush. Her performance of “Summer Time” during a Tony! Toni! Toné! holiday special left the audience speechless. Yasmeena’s recording accomplishments include six solo originals, as well as a few cover songs sparking over 28,000 views and a starring role in the High School Hit Records Youth Program.

For further info contact Samia Arram at (619) 971-1674