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The String Quartet Experience

The String Quartet Experience

The String Quartet Experience
The String Quartet Experience is the result of the joining forces of arranger,  producer and guitarist Nahuel Bronzini and a string trio. The musical intent of the group is to create transcending musical experiences that combine the subtleties of classical chamber music and the emotional world of popular music’s songwriting.  They have collaborated with artists such as Tony Toni Toné!, D’Wayne Wiggins, Camille Mai, Kendra McKinley, John Haesemeyer and Bassist-Songwriter Aaron Gibson, and has played at prestigious venues such as the Fox Theater and Yoshi’s Oakland.

Nahuel Bronzini
Nahuel Bronzini is an Argentinean arranger and music producer living in the Bay Area and working with his production company, Studio Burgundio, since 2010. He is a member of the Producers and Engineers Committee for the SF Grammy Chapter and member at large for the AES SF Chapter.

Nahuel’s work focuses in the blending of acoustic instrumentation into pop and folk productions, making use of chamber type ensembles such as string quartets and horn sections as a complement to the work of solo artists and bands.

Nahuel is a graduate from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and from Escuela de Música Contemporánea (Argentina), and studied audio and acoustics at Universidad de Tres de Febrero (Argentina).

His most recent work is an album titled “The String Quartet Experience”, a collaboration with 8 solo artists from the Bay Area, East Coast, Argentina and Mexico, which joins together the sounds of singer-songwriting and the the string quartet. The album features local artists Diana Gameros, Kendra McKinley and the Amaranth Quartet.