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Tasha Turner

Tasha Turner

Tasha “Sixfootah ThePoet” Turner is a native of Oakland, CA and a lifelong Bay Area resident. Unable to be overlooked, thanks to her 6 feet in stature, Tasha has been commanding audiences not only because of her physical presence, but also because of her distinct and attention grabbing poetic delivery. A mother of a 10 year-old son and a die-hard Dallas Cowboys football fan, Tasha’s poetry is a beautiful blend of passion, resilience and bold wordsmithing; often speaking on subjects others may find challenging or uncomfortable to address. On stage she interweaves both sincerity and vulnerability by using her everyday life experiences as the foundation for her message to allowing herself the opportunity to make as many personal connections with her audience as possible.

As a young girl, Tasha had feelings of being lost in the world. She was inspired by Maya Angelou’s ability to use words so beautifully that she seemed to transform and transcend many of life’s painful experiences. In the 5th grade, Tasha wrote a heartfelt poem chronicling the relationship between herself and her mother. The poem was submitted to a local magazine, and was later published and for the first time, Tasha was compensated for her work as a poet.

Beyond poetry, Tasha aspires to use her talent and personal story to inspire young girls in her community and around the world. Through her personal example and her poetry, she hopes to encourage young women to embrace their uniqueness and ignore negativity; reminding them that they are not alone in world. Tasha proudly and boldly acknowledges that her belief in Christ and herself, given her the strength to persevere through tough times. Much like Dr. Maya Angelou was for her, Tasha hopes to one day be a visible voice of motivation for another generation; reminding them to be vocal about who they are, confident about their ability to achieve their dreams, and fearless in their quest to share their gifts with the world.

Tasha has performed at numerous venues throughout Oakland, most notably was her performance at the Black Expo “Unity in the Community” outreach at Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA (Summer 2014).

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