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Martin Luther

Martin Luther

Martin Luther, also known as Martin Luther McCoy, was born to sing. Martin is a natural baritone, with a forced second tenor voice, who has left and indelible mark within the imagination of audiences worldwide. A truly gifted and highly styled musician, Martin has studied gospel, funk, rock and soul music his entire life setting in motion what many have come to identify as genre- bending soul infused music, or Rebel Soul.  ‘’In the church, in the house and the streets, there was always music and all of it moved me…so it was just a matter of time before the melodies in my head and the words in my heart sought their own voice and me a career in entertainment.’’

The Movement
With respect for his craft, Martin’s story is one of Choir Boy-Turned-Rocker, while his music is a tireless and timeless blend of rock, blues, funk and R&B. Combine the esteemed name with the unparalleled style of musicianship, mix that with an ability to create magic on guitar and a microphone, infuse with poignant lyrics and finally, you have one exceptional formula for… a movement.

Although not a name typically associated with music—once you’ve heard his voice and his story, you’re not likely to forget him.  The multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, musician and producer is a constant threat to take over of the music world.  Along the way he’s energizing music lovers by collaborating with some of Pop and Hip Hop’s finest. Martin’s studio album, “Rebel Soul Music,” was one of music underground’s most anticipated albums in 2004, nationwide. The album received amazing critical acclaim. Associated Press named it number 4 on its Top Ten Albums of 2004, People Magazine named RSM its “Critic’s Choice” giving it 3.5 out of 4 stars. Martin, at the time, was the only independent artist given the privilege of recording a performance session for MTV Live, on MTV.com. He was also named VH1.com, “You Outta Know” artist 2 separate months.  Martin went on to perform and tour with industry heavy weights like Dave Matthews, Jill Scott and The Roots, as well as countless others. He has been seen by millions of fans in Dave Chappelle’s comedic concert film, ‘Block Party’.   And Martin made his cinematic debut as a lead actor in the Sony Pictures release “Across the Universe,” directed by Julie Taymor. The “Across the Universe” Soundtrack, which Martin also appeared on, sold millions of albums and has been certified platinum. The popularity of the film ensures new audiences will find Martin daily… thanks to the social networking sites and fan driven content made available on sites like YouTube.’’ I’m standing at the vanguard of a revolution. With technology we can communicate directly to music lovers and connect the dots that used to require marketing and promotion departments. We are our own companies now, so with a push of a button, you too can tune in…’’

Love is the Hero
Martin Luther, now firmly entrenched as a musician, songwriter, producer, and actor, has recorded another masterpiece entitled “Love is the Hero.”  LITH is an amazing collection of songs meant to inspire and lift the collective conscience of music lovers around the world.  In a music world were some are here today and gone tomorrow, Martin Luther continues to push music in thrilling new ways.  Quite possibly his seminal work, thus far, LITH has already captivated audiences and fans.  Destined to be another ground breaking, genre-bending, critics swooning release, LITH and Martin Luther are set to awake another generation of music lovers and poised to take over music world.

Rebel Soul Future
Finally set to release his highly anticipated third studio album tentatively called, ‘Love Is The Hero’  Martin Luther fans should expect to be revitalized, seduced and empowered with a dynamite blend of polished Pop, intoxicating Rock and a whole lotta’ Soul.  Inspired by real-life stories of love, redemption, hope and freedom, Love Is The Hero is a timeless blend of wisdom, brilliance, and passion that tells a story like a good book. “Soul Music can heal the wounds of this world…People, i’m here and i’m ready to take us to the next.’’

-Rebel Soul Records™, LLC   2015