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Emily Butterfly

Emily Butterfly

Emily Butterfly is an interstellar story teller who lives to delight children with her magically unique form of puppetry, storytelling and song.

She has had the honor of creating shows and performing for thousands of preschool and elementary school students and feels blessed to have the abilities to create her own puppet friends, write and perform inspirational tales and direct troupes of puppeteers.

Her voice has dazzled ears through her voice over career with Free Range Graphics and Cartoon Network and a three-year stint as the producer and hostess of a children’s radio program.

Her wide vocal range, uniquely magical ideas and intuitive approach to entertaining young children has bloomed her into a very successful edutainer.

She loves the stage and aspires to delight and inspire millions with her magic.

She and her puppet friends can be reached at: www.emilybutterfly.com