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This is Adisa also known as Money Sign AD. I would like to start with introducing myself and giving a bit of history. I grew up on 55th n Camden in East Oakland with my sisters, older brother, cousins and few other family members. While living in Oakland my mom enrolled us in school in San Francisco. Everyday we would commute across the bridge to go to school while my mom worked. After 7 years of commuting to San Francisco my mom moved us to San Francisco where we moved to Steiner St. in the Fillmore District. I continue to go school for the next 7 years in San Francisco until me and my sister were sent to moved to Washington D.C with my Dad. Thru a cousin I met a college professor who taught class at Howard University. At the age 15 I was going to college at Howard University studying Radio/Broadcasting. I’ve always been involved in music whether I was writing songs for artists or performing my own. For the next 10 years I lived in Washington D.C yet I knew that I wanted to be close to my family in California. I moved to California a few years ago to be closer to family and friends who I stayed in touch with over the years. Over the years I have always wrote songs for myself and others. I have put together a collection of songs such as “ Destiny “ & “ Stacks “ which I have been performing at different shows. Also I have been managing artist such as Xantana and Joe Joe who both are young talents from the bay area. I appreciate you considering myself for a upcoming show and hope to hear from you soon.